Invasion of the Bodysnatchers

Scientologist Kirstie Alley was apparently helped
John Travolta filming “Battlefield Earth” (by L Ron Hubbard)
Tom Cruise going nuts with the help of Scientology
And they think psychology is crazy.
Did you know that the author of the sci-fi book Battlefield Earth also started his very own religion? It’s called “Scientology,” and it’s really neat! Though it doesn’t make much sense in the present day, Scientology is a religion light years ahead of its time, whose popularity will blossom when jetpacks are in vogue. Until then, let’s give a glimpse into the world of tomorrow and teach you how to become a Scientologist!

-A jumpsuit or clothes of the
-A copy of Dianetics
-Extreme Insecurity
-Celebrity status
-Lots of money
-More money
-A desire to buy many books
-And take

The”HiddenTruth” about the nature of the universe is taught to the most advanced Scientologists in a series of courses known as the Advanced Levels. These are the levels above “Clear,” and their contents are held in strict confidence within Scientology. The most advanced of all are the eight Operating Thetan levels, for which the initiate needs to be thoroughly prepared. The highest level, OT VIII, is only disclosed at sea, on the Scientology cruise ship Freewinds. Since being entered into evidence in several court cases beginning in the 1980s, synopses and excerpts of these secret teachings have appeared in innumerable publications. In the OT levels, Hubbard describes a variety of traumas commonly experienced in past lives. He explains how to reverse the effects of such traumas by “running” various Scientology processes. Among these advanced teachings, one episode that is revealed to those who reach OT level III has been widely remarked upon in the press: the story of Xenu, the galactic tyrant who stacked hundreds of billions of his frozen victims around Earth’s volcanoes 75 million years ago before blowing them up with hydrogen bombs and brainwashing them with a “three-D, super colossal motion picture” for 36 days. The traumatised thetans subsequently clustered around human bodies, in effect acting as invisible spiritual parasites known as “Body Thetans” that can only be removed using advanced Scientology techniques.

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