"It’s Hard out Here for a Pimp"

What do you get when you mix a bunch of unknown actors,1st time writer an director, and a storyline centered around pimps and hoes: CINEMATIC GOLD

Even though the elements of “Hustle and Flow” seem less than admirable, the true emotion of the story and the awesome performance of the actors bring what seems like trash to treasure. This movie is instantly quotable like classics like: The Players Club, Forest Gump, Friday, etc.

the Oscar worthy performance by Terrance Howard is something to be looked up to. He took the cliche of a pimp/wannabe rapper and made him human. Even though the curl he sported was…….how can I say….. laughable, I still admire him for not going the Snoop Dogg route and making a job of a very serious nature kitchy.

First I thought that Taryn Manning was casted because.. Well lets keep it real she looks like poor white trash but who’da thunk that the hoe can actually act. She exclaimates scenes with lines like:

“Don’t play with my head. Not right now.I let you play with my head because someimes it needs to be played with but not now.”

Hustle and Flow is rounded out by a cast of other D list actors who play their parts to the T, It was so real that it was almost like watching an episode of “Being Bobby Brown”. minus ambition and crusted lips.

I wouldn’t normally sweat a movie like this but I was soooo surprised that it wasn’t just another hood movie. Long story short the entire ghetto bunch get their act on and it may even leave you singing a couple of songs.

“Whoop that Trick” “Get em”

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