No Longer Parking at 106

After five years of hosting BET’s highly rated video countdown show “106 & Park,” AJ and Free announced their departure during Thursday’s live broadcast of BET’s “106 & Park.”

(above) happier days:before the

ice was in they grills, before they got their major deals.

Thursday marked the end of Free & Aj on “106&Park”. Aparrently they got tired of doing their best Donnie Simpson and Sherry Carter impressions and decided to call it quits. Or Did they?

Leave it to me to have a conspiracy but it all centers around your girl Free. Anyone that watched Thursday’s show noticed that she was not there. I always considered Free as somebody who loves the fans and would of course be there. Maybe the “Wait Remix” blew her head up too much. Also AJ was giving subliminal “shout-outs” with his “STILL FREE” T-shirt. Rumor is that Free has a history of getting into it with BET execs and that could have been what caused the absence. Just as a side bar but, doesn’t AJ seem like the type who would quit and kiss his boss’ ass on the way out and Free is the “Fuck the muthafuckin’ job” type.

At any rate AJ informed the audience while on stage, cryin like a bitch. He placed a call to Free on his cell phone so he could relay her messages to the crowd ( Maybe she wasn’t allowed on lot. SECURITY!!). And to boot they quit on a Thursday instead of a Friday. Leave it to B.E.T. to be ghetto and give no 2 week notice.

So I guess we should all be looking forward to a Puerto Rican takeover by Madlinx and that big head Jillesa chick.

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