It’s About to Be a What? GIRLFIGHT!!

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She must not know the real Tyra.
Supermodel Tyra Banks’ new talk show doesn’t air till September, but it’s already set off a blazing catfight. Karrine Steffans says Banks dissed her horribly when Steffans came on to talk about her memoir, “Confessions of a Video Vixen.” Steffans, who chronicles her many affairs with hip-hop and sports stars in the best seller, says Banks

“insisted I wrote ‘Confessions’ because I was angry and
wanted revenge. … She said, ‘These are my colleagues. They’re people I know well!’ “Despite what she thinks, she and I are not that different,” Steffans tells News contributor Jawn Murray. “I have even heard her being referred to as a ‘Hollywood Hop,’ for the many men in Hollywood who have bedded her and moved on.”

Steffans says she was so mad, “all I could think about was snatching her wig off!” Banks’ manager, Benny Medina, argues, “Tyra certainly never slept around. You can count her relationships on one hand.” Medina says the clash stemmed from Steffans not wanting to discuss the passages in the book. “She glorifies this lifestyle in the book,” he says. “But on the show, I think she is ashamed of it.” Ironically, Banks’ former flame, director John Singleton, is said to be interested in developing “Video Vixen” as a movie.
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