The Crack House of Fatty Koo

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Being that I’m from Columbus, Ohio, I naturally give Fatty Koo breaks. I accepted the fact that they looked bad when they were on T.V. But this is ridiculous. If you are going to be out there then you have to stop this. I’m not going to accept too much more of this.
They even look like clowsn when they’re dressed up.

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This dude looks like if T.I and Cam’ron had a gayer son. And the PINK popped collar is a bit much.

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I guess he’s tryin to be the masculine guy of the group but that’s not sayin much. P.S. lose the belt buckle.

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If this chick wasn’t so mediocre I would have something to say.

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I actually saw her at City Center Mall and all I can say is airbrushing does wonders.

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Again with the mediocrity

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He is the gayest of the gay. I thought Usher was a homo but he takes the cake. or is he the cake. Whatever. I guess he thought the Salvation Army look is in.

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