Crash Moments

A fellow blogger had a post that inspired me to think about situations in my life. We all heard about Oprah at Hermes but I think that we should examine our own situations and the small ways that race and prejudice influence our behavior and actions.
As young people in a post civil rights era it is hard to find our voice when it comes to subtle racism and social injustice. I live in Columbus, Ohio and encounter it all too often. A co-worker of mine recently graduated and is looking for an apartment. Being that she is from out of town and never left the OSU campus she doesn’t have an idea of where she wants to move. When I asked her she said “anywhere but the ghetto”. Considering the facte that OSU is one of the nations largest Universities, it is pretty ghetto. I told her that and she responded by saying. “Well not really because it’s all college students” I could not for the longest understand why that bothered me but then I finally figured out why. That shit was racist. To her black people=ghetto. Not economic status. She is poor but thinks that she is somehow better than poor black people because she is a white student. After all this I still can’t find the words to tell her that I’m pissed just because I don’t think that she understands that it was racist.
That was my experience so please leave a comment if you can contribute.
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