Would Bullshit by Any Other Name Smell as Stank?

Puff Daddy—–P.Diddy


Sean Combs is changing his name again from P.Diddy to Diddy. This apparently needed an annoncment to the world like someone cares. Did anyone besides white people worry what to call him.And I’m not feeling his lack of originality (what did I expect. Have you head his music?) Diddy had this to say:

“I felt like the ‘P’ was getting between me and my fans and now we’re closer,” Diddy said. During concerts, half the crowd is saying ‘P. Diddy’–half the crowd is chanting ‘Diddy’–now everybody can just chant ‘Diddy.”

I am going to compose a list of things for him to do with his spare time instead of changing his name.
1. Get those dolpin teeth fixed
2. Successfully produce SOMETHING
3.Check on Kim Porter’s nose
4.Pay Child Support
5. Hold an intervention for Janice “Tack Head” Combs
If anyone can contribute to the list please do so.
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