America’s Next Top BLACK Models

As a straight an it is definately a guilty pleasure and I am preparing to watch, my futere Baby Mamma, Tyra Bank’s new season of “America’s Next Top Model” But we all now what I’m going to do (root for all the black ones) so lets get started.
These are the new girls. (My money is on Ebony)
1. Bre,
2. Ebony
3. Nikki.
Season 4
(None of these chicks actually did it for me and I almost forgot about the entire season)
Season 3
1. Yaya (“educated” fake African biotch)
2. Toccara (Ohio in da building)
3. Kelly’s ugly ass.
4. Eva (my boo oo)
Season 2
1. Mercedes. At first I couldn’t care less until I found out she was sick
2. Camille a.k.a. “Cruella”. everyone hated her I don’t care. Look at her
Here are the originals
1. Robin (oh my word)
2. Kesse (I’m lovin’ the fact that her name is a Roots character)
3. Ebony (I have never loved a butch lesbain soooo much. This is a competition)
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