50 Believes His Own Hype

In his court filing, Fiddy, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, modestly described himself as “a hugely popular and extremely successful hip-hop music artist…known for his good looks, ‘gangsta’ image and hard-knocks success story

I guess 50 thought that if he put this into a notarized document it would make it true. Now I’m aware that money can improve someone’s image but 50 is fug ugly (no homo). In case anyone forgot what he looked like peep the evidence below. (PLEASE REFRAIN FROM LAUGHTER)
This is his “Blue Steel” face.
I would cry if those were my teeth.
This is his “trying to close my mouth over my teeth” face.
Pumped up on steroids and feelin’ good about himself.
And he had the audacity to pass those genes on to another poor soul. Maybe we find ugly people unattractive because they’re not supposed to breed.

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