Recap of Past Weeks

Has Frodo always been kinda feminine.

I heard Jamie was gone off that powder he looked like it at the VMA’s
Jamie’s Miami Vice costar Colin “Drinkin Buddy” Farrell
Tyra (country boys) looking eww. Beyonce you are not.
Usher you are not. All that sweat more like Bobby Brown
I hope he is not tying to make this a look. He better not ever appear on a best dressed list EVER.
Umm..Umm. “You got me Speeechleeeess”
What happened to Ti”error”‘s crotch. I know the ROC has a tailor on call. Ask Mr Carter.
Amerie, Ti”error”, and Beyonce Jr. Rihanna doing a Destiny’s Child tribute. Umm why is Rihanna’s torso so long. She look like a lizard.
Ilove Patti Labelle’s over the topness.
Please cage Mimi again. Beacuse I really miss Mariah
What are Usher and Michelle doin’
I just can’t take it.
“It must have been cold there in my shadow”
I think Solange is sick. She has a black Hilary Duff thing happening.
Fresh has confirmed what I previosly stated. Jodeci is smoked out
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