Lady of Soul Mess Awards

Black women this a reason why to take care of yourselves. Black aint supposed to crack like this.That is an American tragedy right there. Well at least Patti is holding it down even though she thinks that she’s 25. Everytime I see her she gets tighter weave and her boobs pushed up hgher.
Where is Brooke Valentine’s neck. She needs to take the scarf from around her chest and try to cover that up. Maybe she though no one would notice if she didn’t wear any clothes.
Ciara has plumber butt. Hahahahaha. Is Bow Wow serioysly hittin that. It looks so flat especially for her to dance as much as she does. Shouldn’t it be much higher? Now I’m convinced she’s a dude.
Damn it Toni. Sit down. Right when I was giving her credit for that new video she had. She breaks out the weave and some hooker gear. YOU ARE NOT 20. STOP. People will buy your cd if you act your age. And P.S. didn’t Lil’ Kim have that outfit on in the “Jump Off” video.
I’m really feeling Amerie. I’m just sad that she consistantly looks beautiful and doesn’t get much credit. But in this crowd of hoodrats and with no Beyonce in sight I say:Get yo shine on, get yo shine on”
Ahhhhhhh. She scared you didn’t she? My heart is still jumpin like crazy. This is Taraj. P Henderson from “Baby Boy” and “Hustle and Flow”. This is not a good pose if she didn’t know. It looks like someone needs to go to the Paris Hilton School of camera whoring.
I’m not even gonna take time out to figure out her name. But someone tell me why sluts cannot clos their mouths. In both pics she has that “come stick it in” face. Oh I’m so sorry for saying that.
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