Fashion Week Recap

One of the most fashionable trios out there. Diddy’s name is already known on the microphone and Gwen got her new line L.A.M.B.. I just really hope that Pharrell doesn’t. When he get’s dressed up it can be a good thing but then and only then. Well, peep the evidence above.

This is Beyonce before and after the show. Anyone that probably reads this blog knows that I love Beyonce whether she’s performing or just standing.

Ashanti actually looks good here. She has that look like she wants to be considered fashionable but step 1 is get rid of the hoodrat pose. I understand that she wants to show us how “stacked” she is. But does anyone really care (besides Nelly). And the last step is GET OFF THE INC.

Um.Um.Um. poor Venus. It’s sad enough that she has those genetics but to add she has that fashion sense. Well I guess it’s true all the money in the world can’t buy class. Below is a rundown of her expenses.

Purse:$10 China Town.

Sweater:$30 Flashdance Collection.

MakeUp:$5 Crayola

“One of these things is not like the others” MICHELLE!!! It is my theory that she aged 30 years since joined DC (refer to the VMA’s). Well at least Beyonce still looks good.

I know a lot of chicks that love Pharrell but he looks like an anteater to me. And some men just shouldn’t be clean shaven because it can really change a face.

Miss Keys has stepped it up in recent years because that other look she had was getting old. I was soooo tired of seeing her in braids and hats especially when she is as attractive as she is.

“Lifestyles of the Rich and Shamless” I heard a rumor that most of Nelly’s diamond are fake. Hmmm. What’s up with that tooth and I know that he does not think that he is bringing the side part back. LMAO. Why is it that he would buy that silver tooth (yeah I said it) before he would get those two front teeth bleached. Again Hmmmm.

Lastly and probably leastly, Tyra and Eva. Besides ANTM, Tyra is on her last leg. Her weave has even taken a hit because that is the fakest looking hairline I have ever seen. And Eva will go to anything won’t she? I don’t wanna see her at anymore events until I see her on a runway or in a magazine.

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