I have read many arguments on the net that center mostly around Local Vs. Federal responsibility (concearning Katrina). You can call me a stickler for accountability, but it is my understanding that the governement is a buerocracy. In all buerocracies there is a chain of command. If local government does not do it’s job then doesn’t state and eventually Federal government do something.
And if nothing is done,then Feds (being at the top) are accountable.This protocal has been followed whenever anything the scale of Katrina happens. Every state’s stability is interdependent. BUSH UNDERSTOOD THAT WITH 911. WHY NOT NOW.
When HUMAN LIVES hang in the balance why was he so willing to pass the buck? Why is it that average Americans can be so compelled to organize and take action, but not the Prez? He sat around for a week waiting for something to be done and finally stepped in. He knows now just like he knew then: local government is incompetant and a situation of this magnitude is out of their control. THESE THINGS WERE APPARENT TO ME. WHY NOT BUSH
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