I Remember

NY’s Twin Towers before the attack

Today is Sept 11th and I thought that I would take time out to reflect on what this day means to me. I remember this day, four years ago, very vividly. I remember waking up on a date that had no connotation or symbolism of pain, confusion or anger. Sept 11th, 2001 I was a freshman just starting high school without a care in the world. I wasn’t yet burdened with this sense of impending danger or a fear for tomorrow. I didn’t even know what the World Trade Center was. Within the blinking of an eye, all that was snatched away from me.

When I first entered the school cafeteria and saw the images on the T.V, I assumed it was just entertainment. I began to understand when the second plane hit that it was not. We did not, at the time, live in a world of breaking world news. The sight of people leaping to their deaths, Americans running out of our own buildings was and is still too much for me to handle. With those moments, I was ushered out of my youth and the world has never been the same to me. We all know what took place in the following months: panic, hate, ignorance, and propaganda. All of those things characterized the atmosphere that we had to exist in and they were all taken advantage of by an administration that I had trust in (at one point). Oh how times have changed. But today we are faced with another tragedy and all I can think of is “what have we learned?” Are we any more prepared now than we were then? How do we react to tragedy now and are we ,again, being taken advantage of ? Hurrican Katrina devastated entire cities and the reation is no where near that of Sept 11th. Now all I can wonder is were those feelings a had real or just media enduced hype?


city of New Orleans after


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