I Forgot To Finish Fashion Week

Look it’s Wanda and Sha’naenae. The ugliest women in the world.
Look at Kim’s mom turning her head away in shame. Those cheek implants got her looking like a gremlin before the water. And Mary needs to know that hoodrats of a feather shop together.
Cerry Washington.Now, it may be just me but if you know that you have big ass lips, WHY WOULD YOU SMILE LIKE THAT. I’m a sucker for a nice pucker but she looks like somebody put her on swole.
I have to say that I kinda like Kwame’s get-up but lose the accessory (white girl). But didn’t we all know that he was a sell-out anyway. “And when he get on he leave yo ass fo a white girl”

If you look up ghetto in the dictionary it better be a picture of this tackhead hoodrat. The hair don’t even look natural and with all of Diddy’s money shouldn’t it be human at least? Lil Kim better see the warning signs.

Nuff’ Said.

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