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Umm WTF:Fergie Edition

Someone please tell me who told Fergie that this was alright? She went back to 94′ for this look. Everytime I look at her all I can think about is Paula Jai Parker in “Friday” sayin “You aint gots to lie Craig, you aint gots to lie.” And to boot she got that Mexican gangsta girl makeup.

Guess Who Wrote a Book But Can’t Read

Well besides 50 cent. FANTASIA!!!! I’m a little late on the news but can you believe that? Even though I do not approve that she revealed all of this in her…! I really admire her for doing what she did for illiteracy. Let’s just hope that we don’t see Tay Tay on Sesame Street. She was saying that she couldn’t even help her daughter read. Damn that’s deep.

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I’m Pulling A "Chapelle"

Well everyone, Since my hits are going down on this blog anyway, and I’m starting school.I’LL BE BACK LIKE COOKED CRACK. I hate to take a break but I’ll be back in about a week. I’M RICH BITCH.

Chris Stokes=Michael Jackson

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“I have been getting PM’s as to what I know about Marques Houston and Chris Stokes and TUG.I was on another board and Chris and Marques homosexual relationship came up. Thet have been involved for many years. And here is my response to those loyal fans who do not believe……………………….Being around TUG was like being in Sodom and Gommorah. They used the worst tactics on those kids. Brainwashing, threats, sexual and physical abuse. Hell, I was there when Taz socked the s#^& out of Kelton (from immature) just because he didn’t hear the command she was giving him and he was 12 at the time. I remember Chris threatening to ruin your career if you didn’t do what he wanted. All of the artists that would not put out for him or Taz they got rid of. That’s why they didn’t have any adult artists. I witnessed all that I needed to for several years, from the time Chris lived with Marques at his house in the Crenshaw area, to the house he shared with his momma in Northridge, to Chris’ house in Sherman Oaks, to the condo he shared with Taz in Studio City, to that house he had on Colfax.” Read More

Will, Get It Together

All I’m sayin’ is……

Jay-Z And Beyonce Caught In The Act

A fist I thought “this must be a bad angle” becacue thay have to know that the paparazzi is on them like white on rice but after reviewing this it’s certain. Beyonce is giving Jay-Z a blowjob. but my question is “Was the drink that good or the head that bad?” Oh yeah thank you to Fresh for the scoop.